Hello, I am Sarah and I was born with my left arm missing from below the elbow! 

This is a totally random occurrence and can happen to anyone and I was just one of the few! However, this isn't a bad is actually the biggest driver in my life and makes me want push myself further to see what I am capable off! 

So, this is why I decided to plan the biggest adventure I could think become the first person to cycle around the world with only one hand! 

The biggest reason for me wanting to do this trip by bike, is that not only is it a huge part of my life but as I have started to push the boundaries of cycling, for longer durations and over greater distances, I found that the prosthetic arms I am using can no longer keep up! They are heavy, sweaty and uncomfortable which is the last thing you want when your legs are already screaming or you have stopped for a tea break and can't get your arm back on because it has swollen up!!

Whilst looking for what else was out there I was shocked that everything I found was way over priced, overly complicated and focused more on aesthetics than function. I couldn't believe nothing more had been developed in upper arm prosthetics over the last 30 years and wonder how many people aren't cycling or doing what they love because of this, and I want to change that!

This trip wont just be the biggest adventure of my life and a serious physical challenge, but it will be to meet as many limb different children, adults and families along the way and raise awareness, raise funds and beat the stigma of disability in sports.

I will be self supported on this trip, meaning I will be planning and navigating this trip all on my own, but to make this all happen to being with I will need support from as many people as possible to raise funds. All of these funds will go towards each day on this trip, the food I eat, the shelter I sleep under, the visas to enter each country and the bike I ride on! 

Thank you to whoever donates, every penny will be put to use and appreciated more than you know :) 

...Oh and on top of all this my dog Woody is coming with me!